This is a place where I will show you my latest and greatest software adventures. Check my portfolio page for a list of project that I’ve been involved in recently.

Few projects I started

I like to create my own project when I want to learn something new: new library, new tool, new skill. There are more of toy projects rather than attempts on commercial success.


Django app for creating photo-albums in any Django application. Check it out at:

Do you want to discuss important ethical and political topics? allows for constructive debate on difficult, controversial questions.


django-navigation creates configurable menus and breadcrumbs for any django-based website. It automates much of menu management:

  • creates titles and URLs
  • creates hierarchy from flat pages
  • updates menu as underlying models change
At the same time, it allows to manually adjust every menu and menu-item.

Check it out at:

This website gives you information about time around the world. The main page is a smart, powerful, easy to use world clock. The timezone information comes from IANA Time Zone Database.

Commercial Projects

Check my portfolio page for a list of project that I’ve been involved in recently. Some of my favorite projects are: