Convert MySQL database to UTF8

First, run the following script. Second, execute provided commands. mysql –database=db_name -u db_username -p -B -N -e “SHOW TABLES”  | awk ‘{print “ALTER TABLE”, $1, “CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;”}’    

Cache Busting in WordPress

Typical browser caches all CSS and JS files to avoid unneeded download. In WordPress, this has a big effect on your changes to  style.css file. These changes will not be immediately visible to old visitors. Add the following  code to your functions.php. It appends version number to the URL (in query string). Changing the version number forces […]

WordPress CMS

WordPress is an extremely popular CMS solution. It allows to quickly create a simple website with static pages and/or periodically published articles. It’s the type of website that a typical small business needs. One of the biggest advantages of WordPress is its widespread adoption. About 19% of websites are built using this system. It’s very […]

CSS and Seperation of Concern

There is an old wisdom in computer engineering that software should be divided into independent components. This is called a separation of concern principle. This principle should be practiced when you write website’s front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Bellow is a list of rules I try to follow to achieve separation of concern in CSS. CSS in separate file from […]

Code Quality in CSS

One monumental principle of computer engineering is that software should be maintenance. It means that it shouldn’t be hard to read, write, and edit existing software. This is easier to say than practice. However, I believe that few simple rules have make a big difference here. Bellow is a list of my best practices that encourage maintainable CSS code. […]