On War

I’m reading The Art of War, edited by John Minford. I found there an interested passage. It is a quote from Records of the Grand Historian, which was written by Sima Qian in 109 BC – 91 BC. I feel this text would be an appropriate commentary to today’s policy of U.S. Records of the […]

Prima Mano Primitivo

Bold Style This wine is made of the Primitivo grape – the Italian version of Zinfandel. It represents the best selection of Primitivo grapes in Italy. Full-bodied and chewy in texture with dense, stewed dark berry fruit flavors, plums and spice. Full of flavor, texture, body. Great wine for after-dinner with some snacks. It tasted […]

What Google’s up to

Check out this photo on Google Picasa: Africa Safari. I love it for its expressiveness. It beautifully shows us how much character those animals possess. The focus is just perfect too. If I went to Africa and all I could bring back is this one photo, I would be quite happy. What else interested me […]