Do you have a project in mind but don’t know where to start? Are you thinking about creating or updating a website for your business? Do you need help with your on-going project?

Whether you are starting a new venture or need help with an existing project, we can work together to help you reach your goals.

Nice website vs. successful website

It’s not hard to create visually stunning website. However, it takes a lot of knowledge, skills and dedication to create a successful project that has a positive impact on your business. Whenever I work on a project, I start by asking my clients about their business, goals, expectations. I need to find out what they need. If they do need a website, who is the user and what goals does the website have? These are the most important questions that I always start with.

Once we find out what is needed out of the project, we can talk about strategies, features, competition, budget, timeline, maintenance, etc. Only at the end we talk about design. The design should be both functional and attractive.

Website and web-application development is a process. It is work were communication is the key to success. It requires high collaboration and understanding between people. It depends on trust. It takes time. I’m not a coder. I’m an engineer – I solve problems.