I am a full stack web developer. It means that I can work on your web-development project from start to finish, from planning to deployment. I understand all building blocks of a well functional website. If you hire me for a small project, I might be the only engineer you need. This helps to achieve a faster development at a lower costs.

What I can not do

I am not an artist. I’m not a graphic design. However, I work with a graphic designer who specializes in logos, websites and printed materials. Also, some websites do not require strong branding. In these cases, we can select a customizable off-the-shelf designs.

I do not work in .Net, Java, nor Ruby. Those are excellent platforms that I’ve used before. However, it takes time to become proficient in any one tool. Currently I specialize in PHP and Python.

What I can do

I can work alone on a small project, or as a member of a larger team. I am willing to work on very short projects (from 1 week). I am most interested in projects that last from 1 to 12 months.

I am a developer but I can take on many roles in a team. I have education is software architecture and design. I have experience in full stack development. I can provide help with website architecture, feature development, testing, integration,  responsive design, UI implementation and deployment.